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Schools challenged to create origami cranes for peace


From this week's Galway City Tribune

From this week's Galway City Tribune

Schools challenged to create origami cranes for peace Schools challenged to create origami cranes for peace


Schools all across Galway are being challenged to create traditional origami cranes to promote peace in families, communities and around the world.

The challenge was launched in the City Hall, where students from Coláiste Muire Máthair and Galway Community College were joined by Mayor Eddie Hoare to highlight the importance of this initiative.

Phillip Cribbin, teacher at Galway Community College and creator of the challenge, believes that this initiative will inspire kids to spend less time on social media and more time advocating for a more peaceful world.

“We want this to be a chance for children around the country to get creative, to generate that idea where if you’re bored, you can hang up your phone and look at a video and to make one of these, and give as a gift to your friends family, or even just something to think about in relation to how many people need peace right now in our world,” he says.

The idea was inspired by Japanese girl Sadako Sasaki, who made 1,000 paper cranes before dying due to illness related to the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

Karen Dervan from Schools of Sanctuary Ireland said she hopes that schools all around the country will take part.

“This is an initiative that has come from Galway, but that we’re hoping other schools all around the country will get involved. We have another 70 schools across Ireland that are in the network so this will go a lot further than this room today. So, you all should be very proud that you’re here to see the launch of it and that you’re a part of it.”

Mayor Eddie Hoare says that Christmas is a time where promoting peace and hope is more important than ever.

“Christmas is meant to be a peaceful time. It’s a time for hope and It’s a challenging time for a lot of people, remembering loved ones or those that might be lost at war. This campaign is a sign of hope for those people that might be suffering or that are more vulnerable within our society.”

Schools and students are encouraged to try their hand at making their own paper cranes and sharing a photo of it on social media with the hashtag #peacecranesIRL.

Pictured: Ahalya Stephen, Galway Community College; Mayor of Galway, Eddie Hoare and Mikey Murray, Coláiste Muire Máthair. PHOTOS: AENGUS McMAHON.

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