Prizewinners at the Bish (St. Joseph's College, Galway), sports in 1969 being presented with their awards.

Galway In Days Gone By

1919 Transatlantic flight “I’m Alcock - just come from Newfoundland.” In this cryptic sentence Capt. Alcock, D.S.G., announced to the awestricken Marconi operators on Sunday morning that he and Lieut. Arthur Whitten Brown had just arrived...
Sunrise at Stonehenge for the Summer Solstice.

A curious weekend of light and shenanigans is on the horizon

Country Living with Francis Farragher Almost in the blink of an eye since we bade farewell to Christmas and the New Year has Midsummer’s Day crept up on us and while there’s been no talk...
Rachel, who was born in Cork, now lives in Galway. Her love of the sea remains undimmed despite lher husband's death iin a diving tragedy. PHOTO: IAIN McDONALD.

Rachel’s journey of healing and hope

Lifestyle - Rachel Gotto’s extraordinary journey through tragedy and bereavement, her own life-threatening illness and resulting addiction to prescription drugs, which she has overcome is proof that people have power to change their lives,...

Try some lifestyle changes to avoid bloating

By Dr Bhatti M.B.B.S.D.C.H.R.C.P.S Bloating is when your tummy is puffy, feels stretched and uncomfortable due to temporary abdominal distension. Common causes include overeating, eating too fast, swallowing food to quickly, talking while eating and swallowing...
Noreen Lyons at the Gaírdín, Portumna.

An Gaírdín celebrates 25 years a-growing

Lifestyle - An organic and ecology centre set up in Portumna in 1994 by a small group of Mercy nuns, is now a focal point in the community. Rooted in its own area, this...

Forecasts, quackery and the predictions that never cease

Country Living with Francis Farragher In the latter days of May, a colleague of mine recounted a casual conversation she had with a fellow bus commuter on one of our dank mornings at the end...


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