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A very sluggish start to fertiliser sales across the west

OUR prolonged spell of wet weather has not only saturated our soils but it has also dampened any early spring demand ...

Surge in grass growth but land is far too wet for either grazing or heavy machinery

FARMERS across Galway and the West of Ireland are coming under increasing pressures as slurry tank levels rise while ...

Conamara’s Mace Head was windiest place across the country during Isha

ALTHOUGH we had a drier than average January field conditions across the West of Ireland continue to be categorised a...

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Government planning guidelines try to force people into towns/cities

NEW planning guidelines outlined by the Government over recent weeks have been described as ‘an assault on rural Ireland’ by Roscommon-Galway TD, M...


100 tractors take part in city protest as farmer fury grows over ‘red tape’ rules

UP to 100 tractors took part in the Galway IFA farmer tractor protest on Thursday evening last through the city as part of a nationwide network of ...


Proteins for humans can be extracted from residue of our green grasslands

THE use of grass as a protein source in human food mightn’t seems a bit far-fetched as it sounds, following new findings by Teagasc researchers in ...


Natura farm group seeks ‘crucial amendment’ to EU bill

THE Irish Natura and Hill Farmers Association (INHFA) has written to Irish MEPs, TDs and Senators seeking what they describe as  ‘a crucial amendme...


ANC is key to survival of farming in the West

A DOUBLING of the ANC payments would be the most effective and targeted way of sustaining small farms across the West of Ireland,  according to the...


A busy week as Athenry Mart gets back into full swing with three sales

IT might have been a week behind schedule . . . but it was a case of ‘all’s well that ends well’ when the sheep and cattle sales returned to Athenr...


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A very sluggish start to fertiliser sales across the west
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