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Salthill Knocknacarra GAA tweaks pitches plan following consultations


From this week's Galway City Tribune

From this week's Galway City Tribune

Salthill Knocknacarra GAA tweaks pitches plan following consultations Salthill Knocknacarra GAA tweaks pitches plan following consultations

Salthill Knocknacarra GAA Club is tweaking plans to develop new pitches and a clubhouse at its site in Mincloon, Rahoon before lodging a planning application.

The city club had signalled in March officially through planning notices that it intended to seek planning permission for a new sports development.

The new facilities were needed, it said, to satisfy increased growth in membership, including juvenile members, particularly girls.

Applications must be lodged with planners two weeks after notices appear on site and in a newspaper. The newspaper notice appeared on March 10.

A spokesperson for SKGAA confirmed to Galway City Tribune that it was making some changes to its plans before lodging the planning application.

The recommended changes, he said, relate to pitch layout.

The size of the dressing rooms and shower facilities is also being altered.

The proposed changes arose following consultation with members during a presentation evening at Árus Bóthar na Trá last month, he said.

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At the event, club officials unveiled the plans for the development, including drawings of the proposed facilities. Feedback was invited.

It’s understood that once the tweaks are incorporated into the plans, a planning application will be lodged.

SKGAA said it has broad support for the proposals from within its membership.

Three neighbouring clubs have already signalled their intention to lodge objections to the planning application.

Rahoon/Newcastle GAA Club, St Michael’s GAA Club and CLG Bearna all issued statements indicating they were opposed to the development of facilities outside Salthill Knocknacarra’s parish boundaries, and within their catchment areas.

Pitch development plans were first floated for this site in 2014. It was rejected by planners the following year due to traffic concerns and because the site fell within the route options of a proposed new road.

Since then, city councillors voted in favour of a specific objective in the City Development Plan that said City Hall would “support and consider” the site for the development of recreational and amenity, including playing pitches.

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