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Locals concerned about lack of footpaths on Letteragh Road


From this week's Galway City Tribune

From this week's Galway City Tribune

Locals concerned about lack of footpaths on Letteragh Road Locals concerned about lack of footpaths on Letteragh Road

Letteragh Road in Galway has been held up as an example of “the pitfalls of developer-led planning” by a local election candidate.

Adrian Curran of People Before Profit has called for improved road safety features and amenities for the area with a growing population.

“Residents along the Letteragh Road have expressed concerns to me about the footpaths and road safety in the area. This is an area that has had lots of new houses built along it. It has a growing population including many young families.

“The road itself has seen no improvements to cater for the increased population. There are footpaths and street lights only on some portions of the road. It is currently not served by public transport and has no cycle lanes,” the City Central candidate for the 2024 election said.

He said that while new housing developments are needed, residents in the area were being failed because of a local of national policy.

“While obviously we need new housing estates, these must come along with the required amenities. The Irish State largely abdicates responsibility to the private sector for providing housing.

“One of the many pitfalls resulting from this is the type of planning decisions that have resulted in hundreds of new homes being built in an area that is not equipped to ensure the safety of its new residents.

“Where developers are granted permission to build estates, it should come with an obligation on them to ensure there are adequate pedestrian, cyclist and motorist safety features in the area.

“Providing the likes of footpaths, street lights, cycle lanes and public transport is not a lot to ask, but residents of Letteragh Road are being failed in this regard,” said Mr Curran.

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