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Residents urge Council action on ‘dangerous’ road in Barna


From this week's Galway City Tribune

From this week's Galway City Tribune

Residents urge Council action on ‘dangerous’ road in Barna Residents urge Council action on ‘dangerous’ road in Barna

From the Galway City Tribune – Local residents have again called on Galway County Council to take action on a road serving a new estate in Barna which they say is in a very dangerous condition.

Known locally as the Paint Box Road – close to the An Maolán housing development just off the Creagán Road – residents claim that the road is a danger to pedestrians as well as being difficult to access by the emergency services.

The road, as well as issues relating to the unfinished An Maolán estate, were the subject of a public meeting last October attended by approximately 100 local residents in The Twelve, Barna.

The 48-unit housing estate – being developed by Denalibrook Ltd. – is linked to the realignment and upgrade of the Paint Box Road, but the work has been delayed.

According to Denalibrook – owned jointly by Edward Capital, Galway and Dublin based company, Farcone Ltd – the road improvements had initially been delayed while they awaited approval from Galway County Council, while an ‘intervention’ from Irish Water had also held up the work.

Local residents’ spokesperson, Aidan Brady, said that they had been engaged correspondence with Galway County Council over the condition of the road and the dangers it presented to members of the public.

“We are calling on the County Council to take immediate action to upgrade this stretch of road which is a real danger to all road users but especially pedestrians.

“In addition to that, there are difficulties if emergency services such as the ambulance or fire brigade have to gain access to residences in this area,” said Mr Brady.

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In correspondence from the Engineering Section of Galway County Council, residents in the Truskey West area of Barna, have been informed that an ‘extension of duration’ of the Road Opening Licence was granted to the developer on May 9 last.

This gave the developer until March 15, 2025, to complete the works, subject to the planning permission conditions. According to the Council, they ‘are in contact with the developer regularly and are trying to get the road piece expedited’.

“We will continue to engage with the developer, and our planning section re. this development, seeking to close it out.

“We are also keeping the public road monitored to try and keep it in reasonable condition,” the Council has told the residents.

Local councillor Alastair McKinstry told the Galway City Tribune that there were very serious and genuine concerns among local residents about the condition of the road.

“I have been in touch with Galway County Council on a regular basis as regards the condition of this road and it will be coming up again at the next Connemara Area meeting of councillors.

“We all want this work prioritised and completed as quickly as possible to ensure that everyone can use this road safely,” said Cllr McKinstry.

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