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New Martin junction gets positive response – with just 'small tweaks' needed


From this week's Galway City Tribune

From this week's Galway City Tribune

New Martin junction gets positive response – with just 'small tweaks' needed New Martin junction gets positive response – with just 'small tweaks' needed

From the Galway City Tribune – The City Council has a ‘prime opportunity’ to address any problems with the new Martin Junction during the school holidays – as reported delays at filter lights cause some frustration.

Cllr Alan Cheevers (FF) said the junction at Galway Clinic, where the roundabout has now been totally removed, has been welcomed by most since it became operational two weeks ago – nearly 10 months behind schedule.

“There has, in general, been a very positive reaction and that it is working reasonably well so far,” said the City East councillor.

“The real test, though, will be in September when all the schools return.”

Issues about the length of time being given to drivers turning right onto the Dublin Road from the N6 (Briarhill end) had been raised, he said, but the Council had stated that they would be monitoring the junction’s performance for a number of weeks after its opening.

“The filter lights need to be tweaked and to be fair to the Council, they have said there would be tweaks required for five or six weeks.

“Now is the time to get those issues sorted, though, before the schools and universities return,” said Cllr Cheevers.

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So far, the new junction had not thrown up as many problems as the Kirwan Junction which was blamed for traffic chaos when it opened in July 2021.

“I’ve been chatting to taxi and bus drivers, and the public, and the feedback is mostly positive – it’s probably better than most people expected.

“Any problems that are there aren’t major issues and they can be sorted,” said Cllr Cheevers.

“By September, the Martin Junction and the Active Travel Scheme in Roscam should be fully operational and let’s hope it will be functional for local residents up here who have had to put up with a lot over the past couple of years,” he said.

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