Jezahel – celebration of partying and nightlife


From this week's Galway City Tribune

From this week's Galway City Tribune

Jezahel – celebration of partying and nightlife Jezahel – celebration of partying and nightlife

A new production, Jezahel, which made its debut in the city’s Westend in September for Culture Night is set to get a new outing.

Jezahel, first staged in the Blue Note and now heading to the Town Hall Theatre, on Thursday, December 7, promises to be a night of humour, nostalgia, and fun.

This show is written by the Blue Note’s Malachy Duggan and directed by Emily Ahern, and they describe it as “a wild ride through the past, mixing laughter, memories, and the energy of a bygone era”.

The full-length show features a group of ageing ravers as they attempt to defy the odds and stay up past their bedtime one more night to save the day.

It delves into 1990s’ nostalgia as it follows the journey of a group who had been youngsters during that era and who have been left without a roadmap in their middle and older years. Meanwhile, they realise today’s young people are in a similar predicament, as all the nightclubs are gone.

Jezahel “is a celebration of culture that comes alive after the sun sets, an experience that bridges the generational gap and ignites the spirit of the night”, according to its creator.

It aims to encourage the audience to reflect on the need to retain spaces for cultural expression, social interaction, and partying. The play highlights the need for vibrant and diverse nightlife options in Galway and throughout Ireland.

Malachy describes it as “a theatrical spectacle that transcends generations; a must-see for anyone looking to rekindle their youth, share a laugh, or simply experience the electric energy of the ’90s once more”.

Tickets for Jezahel on Thursday, December 8, at 8pm, are €16, available from or

Pictured: Jezahel, written by Malachy Duggan, had its first outing in September for Culture Night.

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