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Families’ anger at ‘no-go’ woods with open-air sex and drugs


From this week's Galway City Tribune

From this week's Galway City Tribune

Families’ anger at ‘no-go’ woods with open-air sex and drugs Families’ anger at ‘no-go’ woods with open-air sex and drugs

Frequent open air sexual activity and drug dealing has turned a popular wood near the regional headquarters of the Gardaí in Galway into a no-go area for local families.

Residents who live in a new estate opposite the entrance to Rosshill Woods say that every day, cars pull up – mainly in the evening – before the occupants meet to engage in sex in the car park and in the forest.

They believe there was one man who was coordinating the meet ups between men over dating apps. This man was at the car park several times a day every day for a long period.

The situation has increased to such an extent that young families living nearby can no longer use the popular amenity for walking or biking, such is their fear at what will greet them.

Shane Forde, who is a Fine Gael candidate in next year’s local elections for Galway City East, said while he had heard rumours that the woods were no longer a safe place to wander, it was only when he began canvassing that he realised the extent of the lewd behaviour.

And one of the residents of the Ross Allta development across the road from the woods – who asked to be identified only as Niamh – said she and her husband were walking through the forest one afternoon when they saw two men having sex at the side of the walking trail.

“It was a miracle our seven-year-old daughter wasn’t with us. I couldn’t actually believe this was happening. This was 5pm on a Saturday,” she exclaimed.

“Another time my husband was walking there and a chap we’ve seen in there before with a leather mini skirt was turning to follow a family. I think he was intending to expose himself. My husband confronted him and said he knew what he was up to and the man scurried off like a frightened rabbit.”

The forest floor is littered with used condoms, condom rappers, wipes and other sexual debris, including once a used sex toy.
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