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City Hall in Galway rejigs top brass in ‘restructuring programme’


From this week's Galway City Tribune

From this week's Galway City Tribune

City Hall in Galway rejigs top brass in ‘restructuring programme’ City Hall in Galway rejigs top brass in ‘restructuring programme’

From the Galway City Tribune – The housing directorate at City Hall has been separated and shared between two senior officials as part of a rejig of Galway City Council’s management team.

Chief Executive Brendan McGrath has confirmed that the new Director of Services assignments took effect from July 22, and come following a “reorganisation and restructuring programme”, which was started last year.

He told elected members in a briefing document that the Director of Services arrangements in place since November 2021 had been rescinded.

Patricia Philbin, Deputy Chief Executive, is now in charge of capital housing projects as well as Land Development Agency regeneration projects.

Brian Barrett, acting Director of Services has been assigned housing, excluding capital projects, and the Ukrainian humanitarian crisis, which includes accommodation.

Other areas under Ms Philbin’s brief include planning, National Transport Authority capital projects, climate action, and the CFRAM (Catchment Flood Risk Assessment and Management) project.

The former head of Galway 2020 European Capital of Culture, Ms Philbin has also been assigned URDF (Urban Regeneration and Development Fund).

Mr Barrett’s brief includes community, economic development, tourism and culture.

The transport directorate has also been split, with Ms Philbin taking capital projects, and Patrick Greene responsible for roads and transport operations, as well as water services (operations), recreational and amenity, sports capital and environment.

Ruth McNally is Director of Services for corporate services, corporate governance, human resources and ICT.

Helen Kilroy was appointed head of finance.

The changes were confirmed to all staff and elected members this week.

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