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Illegal rubbish at Castlegar ‘part of a growing citywide issue’


From this week's Galway City Tribune

From this week's Galway City Tribune

Illegal rubbish at Castlegar ‘part of a growing citywide issue’ Illegal rubbish at Castlegar ‘part of a growing citywide issue’

Residents in the Castlegar area remain concerned about the sharp rise in illegal dumping locally, with many saying that hefty fines are not a deterrent.

This follows a recent incident in which a consignment of office furniture was dumped and then burned out in the Ballintemple and Brocklagh areas of Castlegar.

Prior to that, a load containing a broken washing machine, an armchair and other bulky items were dumped in the Polkeen area.

This is despite repeated advice from Galway County Council and the Gardaí for householders to dispose of their waste legally. Locals say that the advice has gone unheeded.

And it has been claimed that even those who are detected for illegal dumping and slapped with hefty fines are not paying them and the Council do not have the resources to follow this up.

One local resident posted on social media: “Fines are a joke . . . on the odd occasion that they are collected.”

Another said: “I live in Polkeen and that rubbish is still there.” He added that he reported the matter to the authorities weeks ago.

The matter has been also raised by Cllr Alan Cheevers who says it’s a city-wide issue that appears to be getting steadily worse rather than improving.

He said questions needed to be asked as to why this was  the case and what could be done to address the growing scourge.

The Fianna Fáil Councillor added that residents in Castlegar were raising concerns about the worrying rise in illegal dumping in the area.

Cllr Cheevers said that unless the culprits were prosecuted and hit with heavy fines the problem would continue.

Meanwhile, Galway Gardaí are continuing to investigate the latest discovery of office furniture in the locality that was reported to them during Race Week.

They say that the case of illegal dumping occurred in the Ballintemple and Brocklagh areas of Castlegar between July 25 and 31.

A large amount of office furniture was abandoned and dumped in the area before being set alight a short time later.

Community Garda Marcus Flynn who is probing the incident, has urged anyone with information or who may have evidence to come forward and contact Galway Garda Station on 091-538000 or the Galway County Council Waste Management on 091- 509000.

“We would remind people to always use registered waste management contractors when disposing of any waste,” he stated. “If you have any doubt about the waste management contractor ask to see their waste collection permit.

“All authorised collectors are required to carry a waste collection permit at all times. If you give your waste to an illegal collector, you are liable to prosecution and could end up with a fine and a conviction.”



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