Edges of Empire the theme of Early Music Fest


From this week's Galway City Tribune

From this week's Galway City Tribune

Edges of Empire the theme of Early Music Fest Edges of Empire the theme of Early Music Fest

This year’s Galway Early Music Festival, which begins on Friday, May 31, will explore how several long-lasting empires and dynasties gave rise to some stunning music across nearly six centuries.

Through unique cross-pollinations and points of conflict and contact, the festival will explore the theme, Edges of Empires.

The journeys begin in the Eastern realms of Europe, with late medieval music from Polish and Bohemian sources. These sounds will be played and sung by acclaimed international artists Corina Marti and Doron Schleifer, using a combination of clavicimbalum, countertenor and recorder.

The constraints imposed by wartime was a constant reality for musicians and the ingenuity of composers will be demonstrated by harpsichordist Yonit Kosovske and rising baroque violinist Leila Clarke-Carr in their intimate and reflective recital.

The second headline event, From Siege to Siege, features Resurgam Choir and The English Cornett and Sackbut Ensemble. This concert will convey the lavish sounds that the Habsburg courts developed in their pursuit of arts patronage, even as they lived in a century bookended by sieges and armed conflicts.

On Sunday, June 2, the festival is inviting singers, brass players and all interested in dance to take part in a special participatory event. Madrigals and renaissance dance will feature in a workshop led by historical dance tutor Felicity Maxwell, conductor Mark Duley and members of Resurgam and The English Cornett and Sackbut Ensemble.

The June Bank Monday will feature  two events presented in collaboration with Headford’s community festival, HeadFest. NightLight is a new concert from BabyLovesMusic, aimed at very youngest early music fans.

Later that evening, acclaimed Irish ensemble The Gregory Walkers will take to the HeadFest Marquee to share Dances and Songs from the Old Gaelic Order.

And to close the festival, the Wroclaw Baroque Ensemble will visit Galway on Sunday, June 9, on their debut tour of Ireland, in a co-presentation with Poland’s National Forum of Music.

With music on the streets, dancing in the Church, music for babies and sounds across the ages, the Early Music Festival is promising events for people of all ages in St Nicholas’ Collegiate Church and St Joseph’s Church in Galway City, and in Headford.

Tickets from €10 at

Pictured: Harpsichordist Yonit Kosovske is among the artists at this year’s event.



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