United celebrate league glory but Caufield already planning ahead


From this week's Galway City Tribune

From this week's Galway City Tribune

United celebrate league glory but Caufield already planning ahead United celebrate league glory but Caufield already planning ahead

THERE is a video doing the rounds of social media featuring the former Aston Villa, Liverpool, Spurs and English international, Peter Crouch, and his wife, Abbie Clancy, over her mistakenly thinking that Galway Unted were playing in the Champions League.

Crouch explains that when his wife saw the scoreline graphic in the top corner of a game between Manchester United and Galatasaray a few weeks, agio, she thought the MUN and GAL stood for Munich and Galway.

Crouch laughs as he says that he knows all the teams that are in the Champions League, and that Galway aren’t one of them. Clancy retorts “not yet”.

The work to begin that journey to the Champions League got underway this week, with John Caulfield starting the process of sitting down with his squad and informing players of who he wants to keep on for next year’s return to the Premier Division, and who are not being offered a new contract by the club.

The club enjoyed the title-winning party since Friday night’s win over Wexford completed a perfect home season, but the manager confirmed that he would be back at his desk this week to start work on compiling a squad for next season.

“These are special occasions, I know how difficult it is, when you are the manager of a club, you try to enjoy today and tomorrow, and maybe experience has thought me that as in the past I haven’t really enjoyed it, the mind is always going.

“I do know from Monday or Tuesday of next week, the pressure will come on for next year, getting a squad together, getting the boys re-signed, trying to bring in some new players. That will be difficult because the step up is a different level, for us it is a challenge to see can we get some stronger players to make our team even better again, and I know the concentration that will be on that,” he said after Friday night’s win.

Vince Borden is believed to be under contract for next season, as is Aodh Dervin, but as far as Tribune Sport knows, that’s it. David Hurley, Rob Slevin, Conor McCormack and Stephen Walsh all confirmed in one way or another on Friday night that they need to sit down with management to discuss next season.

It is not just the players about whom there is a lack of clarity: when asked directly about his position next season, Ollie Horgan spoke about how much he enjoyed the season but didn’t give any hint as to his future at the club.

Pictured: Galway United captain Conor McCormack raises the First Division trophy aloft in front of jubilant teammates at Eamon Deasy Park on Friday night. Photo: Joe O’Shaughnessy.



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