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Students urged to stay safe for ‘Christmas Jumper Day’


From this week's Galway City Tribune

From this week's Galway City Tribune

Students urged to stay safe for ‘Christmas Jumper Day’ Students urged to stay safe for ‘Christmas Jumper Day’

Students in Galway have been urged to “stay safe, take care of each other and don’t take risks” on ‘Christmas Jumper Day’ which takes place next Thursday.

The annual celebrations by third level students before they break up for the year while donning seasonal geansaí is expected to be as big as ever, with no formal activities planned by the University of Galway to lure students away from pubs in the city centre.

Hundreds of students queuing outside popular haunts such as Fibber Magees, Barr An Chaladh and the Christmas Market beer tent from 8am has been a feature of Christmas Jumper Day for many years.

2022 – the first year after Covid restrictions lifted – saw several arrests of students for public order and public indecency on the day, which was one of the first times students could party after years of lockdowns.

University of Galway Students’ Union President Dean Kenny said several venues have organised special promotions and events for next Thursday. They had organised a ticketed event in the students’ bar Sult featuring techno and electronic music from 7pm.

“It’s a tough one because there’s nowhere for them to go, so they start queuing outside places from early morning to make sure they get,” he told the Galway City Tribune.
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