Poets and musicians explore what Ireland is …


From this week's Galway City Tribune

From this week's Galway City Tribune

Poets and musicians explore what Ireland is … Poets and musicians explore what Ireland is …

Internationally renowned poets and performers, including Hollie McNish and Danez Smith, will be at the city’s Black Box Theatre this Saturday night when they will be sharing the with Clare singer-songwriter SíOMHA, whose debut album, Infinite Space, was released last year.

The event is part of the spoken word roadshow, Ireland Is . . . . with featured artists Colm Keegan, Erin Fornoff, and Felispeaks (Felicia Olusanya).

Poet Colm Keegan delves into the complexities of urban landscapes to explore the multi-faceted lives of those who live in cities and towns. He explores the notion of identity and the power of language in shaping people’s understanding of themselves and their surroundings.

Colm’s list poem ‘Ireland Is’ is the starting point for each show. With newly created sounds and visuals, each performance is unique to the place where it’s being held, even as it harnesses the power of spoken word to cross-examine this country.

Erin Fornoff’s poetry explores nature, the environment and the connectedness of all things, offering a counterpoint to the urban landscape. She invites audiences to reconnect with the natural world, reflecting on their relationship with the environment and the impact of human actions.

Felispeaks, brings a unique perspective to Irish life, as a black poet and a person who is never afraid to confront societal norms and injustices. Her work addresses issues of race, gender, and social justice, urging audiences to challenge existing power structures and strive for equality.

In her poetry, Hollie McNish intimately explores the experiences of womanhood, motherhood, and the impact of society’s expectations. With candid and honest storytelling, McNish addresses topics such as body image, relationships, and feminism.

Danez Smith’s poetry grapples with themes of identity, love, and resilience. Their words shine a light on marginalised voices and invite audiences to empathise with and reflect on the experiences of marginalised communities.

Produced by Poetry Ireland and SoFFT Productions, this show for those aged 15+ is at the Black Box Theatre this Saturday, September 30, at 8pm

Tickets €20*/€18* from or 091569777.

Pictured: SíOMHA’s songs have been described as ‘folk-rooted, jazz-tinged, post-pop’.

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