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Everest trip also a fundraiser for Cancer Care West


From this week's Galway City Tribune

From this week's Galway City Tribune

Everest trip also a fundraiser for Cancer Care West Everest trip also a fundraiser for Cancer Care West

A Galway man who dreamed of reaching Everest Base Camp since he read about the Himalayas as a young boy has finally achieved his ambition – more forty years later!

Liam McDwyer completed the 130km trek, climbing 5,364m in the process, and has added a big tick against his “reach Mount Everest Base Camp” bucket list box.

And in the process, he surpassed his target of raising €5,364 – matching the height in metres he had to climb to – for Cancer Care West.

The trip was a year in the planning, during which time Liam upped his fitness regime to ensure he was as fit as possible going into the adventure.

“This is a trek versus a climb so you do not need climbing experience and lots of equipment, but you definitely need a good level of fitness and some endurance training. The fitter you are the more you will enjoy it and the more likely you are to succeed,” he explained.

So he spent a lot of weekends in Connemara, climbing in the Maamturks and Twelve Bens – and even used the stairs at Genesys Bonham Quay, where he works, when the weather was too bad to get out.

The hardest part of the adventure is dealing with the altitude and for this reason the ascent is done slowly over twelve days, giving more time for trekkers to acclimatise as they climb.

“One of the joys of the trek is the spectacular nature you walk through,” reveals Liam.

“Coming around a corner and seeing Mount Everest looming above you is just breath-taking. Then reaching the base camp is an amazing feeling, even if it’s really just a very large rock with Everest Base Camp spray-painted on it!

“Amazingly I got a phone signal while there and was able to call my wife, Marie. It was a special moment and worth every hour of the preparation and sacrifice I made and one I will treasure forever,” he says.

Liam wanted to use his adventure to raise money for Cancer Care West and was delighted to exceed the target on his iDonate page which he had set at €5,364 – matching the height in metres he had to climb to. If you would still like to donate to Liam’s Trekking for Cancer Care West, go to

Pictured: Liam McDwyer presenting his Everest cheque to Richard Flaherty, CEO, Cancer Care West.

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