TikTok trends that may not be so hair-raising


From this week's Galway City Tribune

From this week's Galway City Tribune

TikTok trends that may not be so hair-raising TikTok trends that may not be so hair-raising

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I’m always on the lookout for the quick fix that actually works for hair or skin. #Hairtiktok and #Haircare have 50.9 billion views combined, so it seems I’m far from alone – we are literally bombarded with ideas for the gruaig. These TikTokers always make it look so easy. When I go to do it with a hair straightener or blow-dryer, my results are shocking.

But that doesn’t mean I will give up on peeping in on the thousands of creators giving tips, tricks, and hacks that supposedly make your hair the best it can be.

So this week I’m sharing this guide from the Remy hair extension company about the trends that currently garner the biggest views.

#HeatlessCurls – 8.9 billion views

We all know using too much heat is bad for our hair and can cause breakage and dryness. Heatless curls are an alternative that should allow us to wake up with perfect waves without the damage. Or at least that the theory.

There are a few different tools you can use, like socks, a dressing gown cord, or a specially designed heatless curling rod which they have started to sell in the likes of Penneys – so they’re dead cheap.

“Like most things, there is a learning curve when trying heatless curls. Some twist their hair around the tool, whilst others use a braid-like technique, which can be fiddly and difficult to get the hang of,” said spokesman Charlie Winman.

His number one tip is not to try these out for the first time ahead of a special event. They might not produce the dream curls you had hoped for.

Those with short hair may also struggle, as it can be difficult to wrap the shorter pieces from the back of your head and keep them secure.

And they may not last as long as heated curls if you have very fine hair. Try using different hair products, like mousse, hair spray or gel to keep them in place for longer

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