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Galway pensioner disarms comedian with appearance at city gig


From this week's Galway City Tribune

From this week's Galway City Tribune

Galway pensioner disarms comedian with appearance at city gig Galway pensioner disarms comedian with appearance at city gig

An encounter with a nonagenarian fan in Galway has garnered thousands of views for comedian John Bishop.

The Liverpudlian spotted Frances Mahony in the front row of the audience at Leisureland recently and shared it to his social media.

When her daughter Anita Mahony, who works at Atlantic Technological University (ATU) Galway, announced that her mother was 92, Bishop said he had to go confession.

“Jesus Francis, you’re 92 and you’ve come to my show,” he wrote.

“I’ve used the ‘c’ word twice in the first five minutes. My God, I feel like I need to go to confession Francis. I feel terrible. So sorry.  Thank you for coming Francis … I am honoured that you would come. Some of these have got loads of time left. I’m honoured.”

The clip attracted 777,000 views. He later met Frances backstage and they took a photo together.

“The Francis post has done so well I wanted to share a picture of us in the interval. What a great lady.”

Anita said her mother, a dressmaker from College Road, had always been a fan of Bishop since she went to see him in the Radisson Hotel over a decade ago.

“She has good days and bad so I didn’t tell her I bought the tickets the minute they were released,” said Anita, who cares for her mother at home.

“I asked her that morning how she was. She said ‘I’m terrible’, I’ve a cold’. I said that’s a pity because I’ve tickets to John Bishop. She said, ‘I might be better in the evening’ and of course she was. We skipped the queue because I’m on crutches and happened to get the front row.

“He was lovely to her. She gave him the biggest hug he’s ever got. He spoke in the second half about how he wanted to make his mother proud and that she had told him how proud she was of him when she came to see him in a show last year. So I think my mother may have resonated with that when put up their last picture together.”

When Anita told her that she had gone viral and that her brother in Australia had seen the clip, she was thrilled.

The comedian hosted outgoing Liverpool FC manager Jürgen Klopp at  an event in front of 10,000 Liverpool fans after he shared a post about attending the manager’s last match in charge of the team at 4pm when he had a gig in Sunderland four hours later. The video which captured him using a helicopter and golf buggies as transport attracted nearly 200,000 views.

Pictured: John Bishop with Frances and Anita Mahony at the Black Box gig this week.

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