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Galway and Cork most popular destinations for people relocating


From this week's Galway City Tribune

From this week's Galway City Tribune

Galway and Cork most popular destinations for people relocating Galway and Cork most popular destinations for people relocating

Galway and Cork were by far the most popular destinations for people who have relocated since the pandemic due to remote working, new research shows.

A new report from the Western Development Commission (WDC) shows that people who have relocated are likely to be younger, are less likely to children and are probably working in the IT, science/engineering and financial or real estate sectors.

The study was based on data from the 2023 Remote Work Survey undertaken with the University of Galway, which had more than 5,900 responses.

Respondents were asked if they would consider relocating due to their experience of remote working since Covid-19.
■ 52.1% reported that they would not consider relocating;
■ 19% reported that they would consider relocating;
■ A further 14.7% said they may consider relocating;
■ Over 840 respondents (14.1%) reported that they had already relocated since Covid because they can work remotely.

It was the 14.1% sample which formed the basis for the WDC report which was published last week.

The report found that nearly two-thirds (63.5%) of the study sample relocated from Dublin. The next highest locations that people moved from were Galway and Cork (both at 6.4%) and Kildare at 5.6%.

The top destinations to relocate to were Cork (10.4%); Galway (10%); Kildare (6.7%); Mayo (5.6%) and Donegal (5.2%).

The report also profiled those who had relocated and found they were generally younger – 33.5% aged 34 years and under and less likely to have children (61% did not have dependent children).

Those who relocated had a higher level of formal education – 45% had a masters or doctoral degree. They were concentrated in three sectors – 22.6% ICT; 19.9% in Professional, Scientific and Technical and 17.5% in Financial, Insurance and Real Estate.

Allan Mulrooney, CEO of the WDC, said: ”The West of Ireland has proven resilient, with counties such as Galway and Donegal emerging as attractive destinations for remote workers. This survey underscores the benefits that remote work brings to the West, offering a unique opportunity for individuals to embrace a lifestyle that marries professional fulfilment with the natural beauty and rich culture of our counties. The report highlights how remote work is not just changing where people work but also where they choose to live.”

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