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Bike thefts in Galway City soared during lockdown


From this week's Galway City Tribune

From this week's Galway City Tribune

Bike thefts in Galway City soared during lockdown

Bike theft soared during the pandemic with a total of 255 pedal cycles stolen across the city in 2020 and 2021.

Galway Gardaí have confirmed that that 161 pedal cycles were stolen in the city in 2020, when the most stringent lockdowns were in force.

A further 94 bikes were stolen across the city last year, according to figures released to Chair of the Galway City Joint Policing Committee, Councillor Niall McNelis (Lab).

A Garda spokesperson said that Gardaí attempt to reunite with the owner, any stolen bikes that are recovered using serial numbers on the bottom bracket of the frame of bicycles.

“It is essential that all pedal cycle owners take note of the unique serial number of their pedal cycle as it enables the clear identification of the pedal cycle,” a spokesperson said.

Meanwhile, City Hall said bikes confiscated by its community wardens are offered to bike repair shop on the Headford Road, An Mheitheal Rothar, who up-cycle them for re-use.

A Council spokesperson said that community wardens have a procedure for removing abandoned bikes. It involves monitoring and tagging bikes that appear to be abandoned. A warning note is left on the bikes that if they are not removed within two months, then they will be removed by the Council.

“If not removed within this period they are removed in conjunction with the community wardens and stored in a secure unit, photographed and all details are forwarded to Gardaí. Any pedal cycles that are not claimed after approximately six weeks are offered to An Mheitheal Rothar, who upcycle the bikes for reuse. Those not fit for purpose are disposed of,” a spokesperson said.

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