Andy’s delight as Promenade up for awards


From this week's Galway City Tribune

From this week's Galway City Tribune

Andy’s delight as Promenade up for awards Andy’s delight as Promenade up for awards

The Promenade podcast series, set in Galway, which launched its second season in April, is up for gold at The Irish Podcast Awards and Britain’s Independent Podcast Awards.

Promenade has been nominated in the Best Entertainment Podcast and Best Factual Podcast categories at the upcoming Irish Podcast Awards. And it’s up for the title of Best Arts and Culture Podcast at The UK’s Independent Podcast Awards.

It’s the latest in a series of accolades for Promenade which was also named as one of the best podcasts of the year so far by British publication, the Week Magazine.

Promenade is about “going back in time to give comfort in the now”, according to its creator and producer, Andy Gaffney.

The second season features 14 stories from around the world dealing with memory and stories that were triggered by memories.

For one interviewee, it’s how the sound of bookshops reminds her of childhood; for another, a perfume maker is trying to create the scent of her life. Another story tells how a piece of music from World War II became a lifelong companion to a young man who was hiding from the Nazis.

The first season of Promenade won several awards in Ireland and New York, as well as being nominated in Britain. It was also praised by critics, including from the Times and Guardian while the Irish Times described its stories as being ones “that will burrow their way into your heart”.

Andy Gaffney is thrilled with the current nominations.

“It blows me away when the shows gets one of these lovely wee surprises,” he says. “I thought we used up all our luck on season one but the reaction to season two has been incredible. It means so much, as with season two I wanted to push the medium even further and really create something different.”

He stressed that the show “would be nothing without the incredible storytellers. . . . I am so lucky they took a chance on this and it’s amazing the reaction that their stories are getting”.

Promenade Season Two is available on all platformsincluding Apple Podcasts and Spotify. A third season is in early development.

Pictured: The creator of the Promenade podcast series, Andy Gaffney.


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