New ocean project combines music, science and community


From this week's Galway City Tribune

From this week's Galway City Tribune

New ocean project combines music, science and community New ocean project combines music, science and community

Music for Galway and Galway Atlantaquaria are joining forces for Galway Bay Calling, a creative community exploration of how climate change is affecting our local seas and marine biodiversity.

The ambitious project, which will culminate in a new cello composition to be performed at Music for Galway’s Cellissimo Festival next May, also aims to spur people into action to address the climate emergency.

Running over several months, Galway Bay Calling will involve marine conservationists and behavioural scientists as well as professional and community musicians, singers and performers from across the city and county.

The project will feature interactive ocean literacy workshops where participants will explore Galway’s coastline and marine life through beach-combing and rock-pooling, as well as by taking part in workshops and in discussions and debates on climate change.

People involved with the project will work with scientists and researchers at Atlantic Technological University, learning how to better understand human behaviour and ways of influencing attitudes and encouraging change.

The collective will then collaborate in groups with renowned cello player, singer, and composer Naomi Berrill – who is from Headford and lives in Florence. They will share their experiences of the workshops and research work, exploring ideas for community responses. Once she has received these contributions, Naomi will write a new composition for the collective. Members will rehearse their parts independently initially and then they’ll all join forces in Galway for rehearsals next May, a week before Music for Galway’s Cellissimo Festival.

The world premiere of Galway Bay is Calling, the composition for solo cello and a mixed bag orchestra, will be presented on the opening day of Cellissimo on Saturday May 18, 2024 Music for Galway and Galway Atlantaquaria, have secured funding through the Creative Ireland Climate Action Spark Fund to develop the project.

Pictured are Garry Kendellen (Marketing Manager at Galway Atlantaquaria), Anna Lardi (CEO Music for Galway) and Dr Maria Vittoria Marra (Education and Public Engagement Officer at Galway Atlantaquaria), pictured launching Galway Bay Calling. PHOTO: TARA NOONAN.

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