Galway In Days Gone By

Participants in the Clarenbridge Fancy Dress competition in April 1967.
Participants in the Clarenbridge Fancy Dress competition in April 1967.


Strange story

A strange report which comes from a village near Loughrea says that last week, a baby declared in a clear voice half-an-hour after its birth that there would be dreadful battles soon, and that the war would end in April, without a decisive result, and died soon afterwards.

‘Black Rain’ in Connemara

A curious phenomenon is reported from Connemara in a fall of black rain. A lady resident at Rosscahill, writes that on last Wednesday, black rain fell in that district. A bucket into which it fell, she states, was twice rinsed out, and each time the rain, as it fell was of this dark colour.

There appeared to be no sediment, but as if the rain itself was black. Several householders at some distance also noticed it. About a year ago, the same thing occurred, and clothes spread out to bleach had to be rewashed. There are no factory chimneys anywhere near to account for it.

Great Prelate’s death

We announce with profound regret the death of Most Rev. Dr. John Healy, Archbishop of Tuam, which occurred at the Palace, Tuam on Saturday morning, at 5 o’clock. The distinguished Prelate had been in failing health for the past few years, and in October 1916, His Grace’s condition grew worse, necessitating his confinement to the palace.

He rallied at intervals, but only for short periods, and on Wednesday, a serious change for the worse came. From that day it was evident that he was rapidly sinking and on Saturday morning, he peacefully passed away.


Salthill Pavilion

The action of the Salthill Citizens’ Association in securing a lease of The Dance Pavilion (“The Hangar”) for a year from next September is indicative of the energy and enterprise that is eventually going to put the seaside suburb prominently on the tourist map with, or without the assistance of the I.T.A. and the I.T.B. [Irish Tourist Association and Irish Tourist Board].

If the town organisations mentioned with this alphabetic brevity are inclined to be too dictatorial as to the manner in which the Salthill of the future should develop, or too laggard in lending their assistance, it looks as if the Salthill Citizen’s Organisation could be relied upon to do the job with complete satisfaction to all concerned.

Nobody here wants Salthill to be exploited on the lines of Blackpool or Margate, but we really fail to see why there should be an objection to a typical seaside resort pier with a pavilion on the end of it. The pier is badly needed if the place is to develop materially, and if we are going to build a pier, it might as well be designed to bring in all the money possible. There is no use in building a sort of concrete boat slip and expecting marvellous benefits to result from it.

Notice to readers

Owing to shortage of newsprint, it is necessary to curtail the number of copies of our papers printed to absolute requirements. We would, therefore, as readers, in order to avoid disappointment, to place a standing order for The Connacht Tribune and The Connacht Sentinel with their newsagents.

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