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Galway couple reunited honeymoon photos – a decade after unforgettable trip!


From this week's Galway City Tribune

From this week's Galway City Tribune

Galway couple reunited honeymoon photos – a decade after unforgettable trip! Galway couple reunited honeymoon photos – a decade after unforgettable trip!

From this week’s Galway City Tribune – An American managed to track down a Galway couple to reunite them with their honeymoon photos – a decade after he lost their email address following a trek through a South American jungle.

Anne Marie and John Burke had spent six weeks on the adventure of a lifetime through Colombia following their nuptials in 2012.

But there was always a huge gap in the memories of their honeymoon. They had left their camera in a hostel for safekeeping during a five-day La Ciudad Perdida trek and had only taken a mobile phone. When that ran out of power, a tourist from San Francisco named Adam offered to take photos of them and send them on afterwards.

When they heard nothing back from Adam, Anne Marie contacted the hostel which organised the guided walk in a bid to make contact, but failed. So, they thought a record of that special time was gone forever.

“He struck me as a reliable, dependable guy, so I was very surprised we never got them,” Anne Marie told the Galway City Tribune.

Fast forward ten years and Adam was spring cleaning his hard drive when he came across snaps of the trek and the honeymooning couple. He recalled how he had misplaced the piece of paper with their email address and had failed to find any trace of either of them on social media as he had no names.

“I always felt bad about not sending the photos,” he admitted in a post he put on the social media website Reddit.

Somebody spotted the post and shared it with a Facebook page for Blackrock swimmers. A colleague recognised Anne Marie’s photo and texted her to ask if they could pass on her email address. Within two-and-a-half hours of the original post, she and John were poring through 50 of those long-lost snaps.

(Photo: John and Anne Marie in one of their newly-acquired honeymoon snaps in Colombia).
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