End of an era as the railway bridge at Ballyglunin is about to be removed as part of the N63 road improvement works.

End of an era as bridge at Ballyglunin leaves the track

Country Living with Francis Farragher Everything and everyone moves on, and there’s always a certain inevitability about the progress of roads and infrastructure, but yet there were many little emotional ripples last Saturday morning close...
The choppers fill the skies at Ballybrit Racecourse in August, 2003, during the build-up to the peak of 'The Tiger Era'. Photo: Joe O'Shaughnessy.

‘Mutual confidence’ returns as Tiger Cub starts to prowl

Country Living with Francis Farragher Happiness and riches don’t always go hand-in-hand but to quote an old saying I heard from my late father: “Money mightn’t be everything but it does help you to enjoy...
Cicero: Knew all the tricks to enjoy old age but never managed to get there himself.

A little advice from Cicero in charting the way ahead

Country Living with Francis Farragher My little dissertation a couple of weeks back on the trials and tribulations of reaching a certain milestone in terms of advancing years, has inspired some anonymous contributor to send...
It might be back to the rains this week but river levels remain stubbornly low as can be observed from this picture of the Clare River near Claregalway Castle, taken last weekend by JOE O'SHAUGHNESSY.

A kind May but is our luck about to change

Country Living with Francis Farragher IT does only seem like yesterday when we were dusting ourselves down after the Christmas season and then preparing for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade but almost in a flash...

The long and very short journey from ‘57 to now

Country Living with Francis Farragher THERE was a fair confluence of emotions last week when the year 1957 took on its own special significance for me, but in fairness most of them were good ones,...
A far cry from the wet April predicted by Ken Ring as a parched Connemara earth burns at Clloosh Valley after the April drought. PHOTO: JOE O'SHAUGHNESSY.

Meeting a man who’s lost faith in ‘the Ring forecasts’

Country Living with Francis Farragher Last week, while buying some provisions in the local store, I was confronted (well in a nice kind of way) by a fellow customer, who had taken my advice in...


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