A funny man who lightened all our everyday tribulations

Country Living with Francis Farragher Most of us like to think that we’re busy as bees and think that we cannot be done without (talk about being full of our own importance), but here and...

A green ‘encounter’ that the Leitrim farmer will never win

Country Living with Francis Farragher Like a lot of others dabbling in the world of farming, I’ve something of a bell in my ear for the last couple of years listening to EU pontifications about...
Majella Moynihan: A heart rending tale of injustice, pain, courage and eventually happiness. Photo: Courtesy RTE.

Good riddance to a hidden Ireland of not that long ago

Country Living with Francis Farragher On an August Sunday last year, as a group of us travelled down from Dublin after our hurlers had been beaten by Limerick in the All-Ireland hurling final, we stayed...
Mr Micawber, the Dickens character, who was always penniless but happy on the basis that: "Something will turn up."

The great ‘Green Dream’ but it will be ‘Micawber’ finance?

Country Living with Francis Farragher The Green Wave is sweeping across our lands and honourable and all as its ambitions may be, it is kind of mildly disturbing to see the different parties and individuals...
Sunrise at Stonehenge for the Summer Solstice.

A curious weekend of light and shenanigans is on the horizon

Country Living with Francis Farragher Almost in the blink of an eye since we bade farewell to Christmas and the New Year has Midsummer’s Day crept up on us and while there’s been no talk...

Forecasts, quackery and the predictions that never cease

Country Living with Francis Farragher In the latter days of May, a colleague of mine recounted a casual conversation she had with a fellow bus commuter on one of our dank mornings at the end...


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