The flu pandemic of 1918 sent millions to their graves.

A time when flu claimed more casualties than the Great War

Country Living with Francis Farragher I hope that I’m not tempting fate . . . and I did get the flu jab a couple of months back (a sign of growing caution with the passing...

An ode of sorts to horn honkers and undertakers

Country Living with Francis Farragher As we move through second week of January and at last there’s an extra chink of light returning to the mornings and the evenings, it’s time to Part 2 of...

Charting the course ahead for the challenges of 2019

Country Living with Francis Farragher Well, it’s that time of year again, when the fool’s alphabetical guide to help you tiptoe your way through 2019 is presented, and I can guarantee that it’s not ‘cut...
A scene from the Crolly family eviction in Louth in May, 1881, carried out under the direction of Lord Louth, who was subsequently boycotted after the event. The Crollys moved back into their house by Christmas of that year.  

One word that still frays the nerves of most Irish people

Country Living with Francis Farragher I’m not sure whether it’s in our genes or whether it’s the legacy of Irish history from our primary school days, but I’d say that almost everyone I know seems...
Santa: A crafty old codger who always escaped detection.

Too young to realise that this was pure happiness

Country Living with Francis Farragher While on balance, Santa Claus has to be regarded as a good natured ‘ould sod’, talk of his imminent arrival always seemed to ignite a worrying mixture of joy, fear...

A long way removed from days of penitence and black bread

Country Living with Francis Farragher We’ve been slipping quite seamlessly into the days of darkest mid-Winter with the season of Advent having arrived on December’s first Sunday this year.  Advent always begins on the fourth...


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