April: a generally good month with a mini-heatwave at Easter but Storm Hannah 'kept us on our toes' on the 26th and 27th.

Hannah was only blip in a month of lush greenery

Country Living with Francis Farragher Our fourth month of the year has slipped by almost in the blink of an eye and while of course we all accept the empirical evidence that time passes at...

Strange goings-on in the darkest hours of silence

Country Living with Francis Farragher Probably in common with most of the human population, strange dreams often infiltrate into the world of The Sandman, some of them quite happy but also other ones than can...

First World woes of those annoying Summer holidays

Country Living with Francis Farragher I’m not sure whether it’s a joy or a sorrow but one of the distractions of sitting in front of a computer screen for most of the day is that...

Easter holds key that opens the door to Summer season

Country Living with Francis Farragher As Christian festivals go, I’ve always been a man for Easter. It’s probably more weather and light related than religious, but regardless of its irregular arrival every year, Easter always...

Beware of new taxes for ‘the good of the people’

Country Living with Francis Farragher Sometimes, as I grow older, I get a strange feeling that some of the stuff happened around has all occurred before.  No, I’m not putting forward any new versions of...
On yer bike: A frank exchange of views via sign language as Boris Johnson gets a less than complimentary greeting from a fellow cyclist on the streets of London.

The seedy world of wealth, words and media influence

Country Living with Francis Farragher Newspaper editors in the heavier hitters of the media world like Independent News and Media, The Telegraph and The Daily Mail in England, will probably be tempted these days to...


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