The Temple of Heaven, Beijing: Surely one of the most beautiful buildings on the planet.

Three Irish gems never to be taken for granted

Country Living with Francis Farragher April, is probably the ideal month to visit the Chinese capital of Beijing. At that time, the often extreme sub-continental climate of the region is at its most benign –...
The Great Wall of China: Truly, one of the great wonders of the world.

History always leaves its own indelible mark

Country Living with Francis Farragher Make no mistake about it, if you’re a country boy (or girl), a visit to China and in particular a heaving city like Beijing, will leave you with a huge...
The Pearl Market in Beiing . . . not a place of solitude.

A place for Selkirk in a sea of retail bedlam

Country Living with Francis Farragher At the best of times, I’m not exactly a lover of big shops, but nothing could have prepared me for the onslaught that awaited me on a daytime trip to...
The wheel and the bike are still kings of the streets in Beijing despite the proliferation of big motors as well. Here, a Beijing native 'brings home' his three piece suite of furniture on his power assisted bike/trailer.

A place of chaos that never dares to doze

Most nights when I wake up, there’s a kind of reassuring familiarity at seeing the same lampshade hanging from the ceiling. I feel it says to me: “Go back to sleep, all is well.” Seldom...
The 'sheer terror' of a big clothes shop!

Coping with sheer terror of being lost in Penneys

Country Living with Francis Farragher It’s kind of strange that the older one gets, the more one seems to slip back into situations of childhood angst. Last week, during one of our colder snaps, I...
Different times: The then Bishop, Eamon Casey, with the monstrance, during the Corpus Christi Procession at Nuns Island, Galway, in June 1985.

A troubled soul in a lost limbo of piety and love

Country Living with Francis Farragher It was one of those Rubicon days in the social history of Ireland – May 6, 1992, when word eventually broke that the Bishop of Galway, Eamonn Casey was resigning...


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