Benjamin Franklin: More use of daylight and less candles to be burned (1784).

Looking forward to the most wonderful day of the year

Country Living with Francis Farragher We’re always reminded in mid-January about the most depressing day of the year – this year it was identified as the 15th day of our first month, and duly picked...

Still torn between Patrick’s faith and bawdy bashes of the Celts

Country Living with Francis Farragher I seem to be hit with some quare afflictions when it comes to drink. Most of the time, it seems to be a longing to get my hands on the...
The D-Day Allied Forces landing in Normandy on Tuesday, June 6, 1944, were delayed on the strength of an accurate UK Met Office forecast of inclement conditions for the previous day.

From winning wars to false hopes of barbecue summers

Country Living with Francis Farragher For those of us who take more than a passing interest in all-things weather, and that probably encompasses 95% of the Irish population, one of the ultra-reliable reference points has...

Falling in love again with the same old flame every year

Country Living with Francis Farragher It’s a bit late in life for some of us to be falling in love again but with each passing year my heart is always won over by the arrival...
January weather images more often than not depict the harshness of mid-Winter in its many guises.

Good riddance to a month of darkness and little cheer

Country Living with Francis Farragher As months of the year go, January I find to be one of the most unlovable of all, a bit like Paddy Kavanagh’s dandelions in the field of potatoes as...
The 1983 Referendum: A bitter and divisive campaign with many street protests and demonstrations from both sides of the debate. Photo: Courtesy Irish Times.

Only a thin line separates key life and death issues

Country Living with Francis Farragher I’ll admit to being in a bit of a quandary about our forthcoming referendum on the abortion issue and I suspect too that there are a lot more people like...


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