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Outgoing Chamber CEO turns his hand to politics


From this week's Galway City Tribune

From this week's Galway City Tribune

Outgoing Chamber CEO turns his hand to politics Outgoing Chamber CEO turns his hand to politics

The outgoing  CEO of Galway Chamber, Kenny Deery, has declared his intention to run as an Independent candidate for Galway City West in the upcoming local elections.

Mr Deery said his candidacy is borne out of “a deep frustration at how our city is being held back by the dysfunctionality of local government in Galway”.

“Right now, critical issues for residents, workers and families in Galway – like transport, housing and efficient local services – are not being tackled. Business opportunities are being lost to the city and expansion plans are stymied because vital infrastructure is not being delivered. Local councillors do not make all the decisions on infrastructure, but they have a powerful voice and they have a duty to use that voice fully to serve Galway’s needs,” Mr Deery said.

Mr Deery announced last month that he would not be renewing his contract with Galway Chamber.

He said he is passionate about the need for a ‘One Galway’ approach to local government in the city and county. He is vowing to effect that change from within, and urging residents, businesses and organisations across the constituency to put their trust in him.

“I am not interested in taking a seat for the sake of taking a seat; it is not a personal prize. I want to be elected so that I can effect change for you and for our city. We need a ‘One Galway’ approach, with everyone singing from the same hymn sheet.

“If elected, I will be the voice for unity and collaboration in the council chamber, but also for action. The time for talking and debating is over. We all know what the issues are, it’s time to see change in action. Galway deserves better from its city council, it deserves change. If elected, I will be that change,” he said.

Last month Galway Chamber issued a statement confirming that Mr Deery would not be seeking to renew his contract as CEO.

“Kenny has provided the Galway Chamber with remarkable leadership over the last five years. He has brought vision and been a strong voice of advocacy for our business community to the chamber. We are indebted to him for his work and his commitment to the role,” read the Chamber’s statement.

The statement went on to laud him for his many achievements during his term, including the establishment of the Greater Galway Forum through funding applications, representation, meetings and advocacy in Europe. Alongside his leadership of the Chamber, Mr Deery has also been the Chair of the CEO Forum of Chambers Ireland, and serves on several boards across the city including Platform94, PorterShed, and Galway Culture Company.

Pictured: Kenny Deery, Independent candidate for Galway City Council in the upcoming local elections, with supporters at Salthill for his campaign launch on Wednesday. Photo: Mike Shaughnessy.

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