Comedian Karl back with new one-man show


From this week's Galway City Tribune

From this week's Galway City Tribune

Comedian Karl back with new one-man show Comedian Karl back with new one-man show

Local comedian Karl MacDermott, a stalwart of the Irish comedy scene from 1989 to 1999, will be back in Galway City next Thursday, April 25, when he performs The Comedy Nobody at the  Town Hall Theatre Studio space.

He’s in full comedy mode as he explains that the one-man show, which he has also written, is being presented by Pointless Productions (an affiliation of Zero Expectation Enterprises).

Karl was a regular in venues throughout Ireland until 1999 when he “disappeared from view amidst much public indifference”.

But now he’s back. And he’s happy to report that the indifference has been banished, “only to be replaced by yawning apathy”.

However, the comedian who has reworked Beckett’s famous phrase about failing, trying again and failing better, isn’t bothered.

‘Fail again. Fail even better’, is his motto as he takes to the road with this show in which humour and anonymity collide.

It follows a former comedian who contemplates a comeback while caring for his ailing mother. He’s also a member of a self-help group for unsuccessful comedians called The Comedy Casualty Club, and is trying to get his former agent, Sisyphus O’Shea of SOS Management, to take him on once more, as he desperately tries to update his act and find work in the current Irish comedy scene.

The Comedy Nobody is at the Town Hall Studio next Thursday, April 25, at 8.30pm.  Tickets at €15 from, 091-569777 or the box office.

Pictured: Karl MacDermott in The Comedy Nobody.

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