Award winning film raises awareness about leprosy


From this week's Galway City Tribune

From this week's Galway City Tribune

Award winning film raises awareness about leprosy Award winning film raises awareness about leprosy

A poignant short film, The Boat, made by Galway brothers, Luke and Jake Morgan has been lauded at film festivals at home and abroad and is now eligible for the2025 Academy Awards.

Based on a true story, The Boat was shot in Nepal in 2022 and centres on a young girl, Dhuckia. When she grows up, she wants to be a boat-maker like her father. But when he finds out that she is showing early symptoms of leprosy, he must make a terrible choice.

An Irish-Nepalese co-production, it was made in conjunction with the organisation, the Mission to End Leprosy.

Its success is a significant step towards raising awareness of and support for the global campaign to end leprosy, according to Luke Morgan.

The Boat won the Gran Prix Irish Short Award at the Cork International Film Festival, and followed that with another win at the Foyle Film Festival, The Light in Motion Irish Short Award.  These paved its way to the 2025 Oscars. It also won Best Short Story at the Boston Film Festival.

The Boat has been praised by critics and audiences for its unique storytelling, cinematography and the actors’ performances.

The Cork jury described it as “delicate and tragic with beautiful cinematography and pacing”, while the Foyle judges praised it as “a devastating, beautifully executed story with a cinematic style that is outstanding”.

What sets The Boat apart is its collaboration with Nepal and its connection to the Mission to End Leprosy, according to Luke.

He and Jake specialise in film production, theatre, storytelling and music, in Irish as well as English, and they are known for their ability to craft emotionally resonant narratives. Now they’re using their work to bring attention to a condition that’s often overlooked.

Luke says the film aims to challenge the stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding leprosy, while fostering empathy and understanding. With plans for more screenings abroad and at home, the Morgans intend to use their success to support organisations working to eradicating the disease.

“The Boat aims to be more than just a film; it is a catalyst for change, inspiring audiences to join the mission to end leprosy and break down the stigma associated with this age-old disease,” says Luke.

For more information on screenings, follow them on Instagram @Morgan_bros and on Facebook: Morgan Brothers.

Pictured: The Boat was shot in Nepal in late 2022.



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