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Headford is county’s most expensive rental location

Tenants in private rented accommodation are paying more in Headford than anywhere else in County Galway, according to new figures from the Central Statistics...

Rent for courthouse is ‘value for money’

Whatever criticism has been levelled at the Courts Service for their failure to develop the old courthouse in Tuam, their expenditure on rented accommodation...

€150 per week tiny living space puts spotlight on Galway’s rental...

This ‘glorified corridor’ advertised for rent for €650 per month shines a spotlight on the underbelly of Galway city’s distressed rental market, and chronic...

Western side of city is most expensive rental location in Galway

Galway city west is the most expensive place to rent a property, according to the latest report from the Residential Tenancies Board. The average monthly...

City centre retailers face 20% rent hike

Improving consumer demand is likely to drive up rents by 20% over the next five years for retail units on Galway City’s main shopping...

Homeless charity assists 23 people sleeping rough in city

Homeless service workers assisted 17 people sleeping rough in the city centre area in the early hours of one morning last week. COPE Galway says...


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