Tips to avoid seafóid talk and morning-after blues

Country Living with Francis Farragher Here we are on the cusp of another Christmas party season and with each passing year my resolve strengthens not to endure even one hangover over the festive season. It’s...
The Winter woollies could be needed for a few days to come.

In the end, it’ll turn out to be a typically average Irish year

Country Living with Francis Farragher We’re all familiar with the line of ‘lies, damn lies and statistics’, and now with 11 months and a bit of the year having expired, most observers of the great...
“O commemorate me with no hero-courageous Tomb - just a canal-bank seat for the passer-by.” (From the Paddy Kavanagh poem: Lines Written on a Seat on the Grand Canal, Dublin).

A man whose words were his wealth and eternal legacy

Country Living with Francis Farragher Afew years back, I had a conversation with former TD, Paul Connaughton Senior, which took its usual ramble through various diversions. We started to talk about Patrick Kavanagh and his...

Be very careful what you order this festive season

Country Living with Francis Farragher NO one should ever have to work or socialise in an environment where there is any element of harassment – and that’s probably a ‘given’ among all reasonable minded people...
The major weather event of October, 2017, was on Monday the 16th, when ex-hurricane Ophelia hit our shores. JOE O'SHAUGHNESSY caught some of the action on the Prom, Salthill, that afternoon as these brave souls made a dash for it through the flooded street by the sea.

Learning to live with our October-coloured weather

Country Living with Francis Farragher In his poem Memory of My Father, Patrick Kavanagh refers to the term of ‘October coloured weather’ and this was certainly the impression that our tenth month of 2017 left...

A world where most things are not just black and white

Country Living with Francis Farragher DO you ever get the feeling that the closer you look at something the more unclear it gets, or the more that someone tells you an issue is black and...


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