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Declan Nerney in concert with special guests

Declan Nerney with special guests John Hogan and Owen Mac are packing out concert venues nationwide and now the singe...

Clever simplicity proves a winner as Branar captures trauma of civil war

REVIEW BY JUDY MURPHY The Table; Branar @ the Town Hall Theatre Chickens play a central role in Branar’s new pl...

Bringing tragedy of Civil War to life by staying close to home

BY JUDY MURPHY Conveying the complexities of the Irish Civil War to a theatre audience aged mostly between 7 and 1...

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Billy back to centre stage with Gusto at Town Hall

BY JUDY MURPHY For someone who played a key role in the evolution of Ireland’s contemporary comedy scene, Billy McGrath isn’t especially well-kn...

O’Brien’s Heaven for Town Hall Theatre

The first drama in two decades from acclaimed playwright Eugene O’Brien will be staged at the Town Hall next Wednesday, November 2. This new wor...

Magic of the musicals at Town Hall Theatre

A new stage adaptation of the popular Disney musical The Little Mermaid, based on the much-loved story by Hans Christian Andersen, will be presente...


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Declan Nerney in concert with special guests
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