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Galway City Council urged not to build housing on green spaces in estates


From this week's Galway City Tribune

From this week's Galway City Tribune

Galway City Council urged not to build housing on green spaces in estates Galway City Council urged not to build housing on green spaces in estates

A motion calling on Galway City Council not to build on any green spaces in one of the oldest city estates was passed by councillors despite concerns raised by the Mayor that the move was pointless.

A controversial plan to build six units suitable for the elderly and residents with mobility issues on “infill” sites at Ballinfoile Park is being mooted by the Council as a win for residents who wish to remain in their neighbourhood while freeing up the houses they leave for bigger families.

Independent Councillor Mike Cubbard said he had supported every proposal for new housing during his tenure apart from proposals to build on infill sites.

“We’ve zoned for 1,000 units but it seems to be the policy to take away from green spaces, which will produce eight houses…it was never brought to the Housing Strategic Policy Committee that the Council was considering developing on infill sites. The City Development Plans says the Council will protect green spaces . . . how can we fathom taking away greenspaces of older estates.”

Cllr Mike Crowe (FF) criticised the disrespect shown by the Council for emailing councillors late at night to inform them about a meeting with Ballinfoile residents shortly afterwards.

Council Executive Engineer Micheál Cormican said the estate off the Headford Road was built by the local authority in the 1980s and many residents were now coming to them asking for modifications to the properties as a result of mobility and disability issues.

While this work was being done, the residents had to be moved out, but they still wanted to stay near families, friends and their community network.
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