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If you’re feeling confused, read despots for dummies!

We all might be dead by the time you read this.  “Aha!” you say, “You’re wrong there, because if I’m dead I can’t be...

If the world gets too noisy, stand and stare at spring!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley Phew! What a trip that was. As I turn the car into our driveway, the Snapper and I are back...

Explosions of knees and joy at a family wedding!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley Right now I am filled with joy. This evening I attended my lovely niece’s wedding in a forest somewhere north...

‘Brirish’ – two languages joined as one, now, so!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley Twenty very odd years ago years ago I was ensconced in Pádraicín’s bar in Furbo, relating a heinous anecdote to...

Can we please change the rules of gender warfare?

Double Vision with Charlie Adley To the redheaded woman wearing a green top in the lift last night: I am truly sorry you felt I...

Time for a gentle ramble around windy West Clare!

Double Vision with Charlie Adley As I steer the car around Black Head and head south along Clare’s coast, my view turns from Salthill across...


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