Hard to lick loyalty – unless it’s Green Shield Stamps

A Different View with Dave O'Connell Loyalty, they say, has to be earned – it cannot be bought. But tell that to the purveyors of loyalty cards, because if you spend enough to get...

The pathway to perfect happiness – turn off your phone

We’ve all seen it – two people sitting across from each other in a restaurant, utterly engaged in conversation…..only not with each other, but on their phones. They won’t necessarily be...

Plastic Paddies are authentic Irishman – and they have a cert to prove it

So Tom Cruise is officially an Oirishman – begorrah and bejaysus but don’t that just bate Banagher; we can finally lay claim to a real Irish Hollywood leprechaun in our midst. ...

No better man than Joyce to coin a phrase

A Different View with Dave O'Connell You’d have to feel sorry for the bloke in the Central Bank who made a pig’s ear of the new commemorative €10 coin that misquoted James Joyce....

When it comes to flogging animals, it’s all in the head

Is there one amongst us who hasn’t done stupid things with drink? Haven’t we all had one of those times when you wake up in the morning with a traffic cone at the foot...

Ireland’s mixed messages when it comes to Old Britannia

There could be no clearer illustration of our ambivalence towards our nearest neighbours than the General Election of 1997 and the contrasting attitudes of the good people of Donegal. Back in...


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