Wardens ticket motorists attempting to avoid storm flooding

Flooding at the entrance to Toft Carpark during Storm Brian

‘Mean-spirited’ Council wardens ticketed cars in Salthill during the Storm Brian amber weather alert which had been moved from Toft Carpark to escape flooding.

Last Saturday morning, cars parked on Quincentennial Drive – which runs alongside the carpark parallel to the Prom, but is on higher ground and less susceptible during floods – were ticketed for parking on double yellow lines.

During flood warnings, car owners are advised not to park in the carpark, and Seapoint Promenade also becomes a ‘no go’ area. Those in basement carparks of apartment blocks on Quincentennial Drive also tend to move their cars.

The ticketing happened as flood waters were still receding from inside and at the entrance to Toft Carpark, which was blocked off by ‘road closed’ signs.

Local resident Padraig Cuddihy – who has been living in Galway for the past three years – told the Galway City Tribune: “I saw the warning on the City Council website on Friday evening that there might be flooding during high tide in the morning.

“I lost a car in the carpark flooding last year, it had to be scrapped, so I knew to get out this time.

“At around 7.30am or 7.45am on Saturday, I checked to see if my car could be moved back into the carpark, but it was flooded, there was absolutely no way. I couldn’t have gotten in there.

“I went out later in the morning to move the car and it was ticketed, along with at least three others. It’s ridiculous that they’d go around ticketing cars like that; they would have known well why people parked there. It’s mean-spirited. We were easy pickings,” Mr Cuddihy said.

The amber storm alert was in place from 10pm Friday night until 10pm Saturday night, with the Council’s high tide warning in place from 5am to 7.30am. Council crews closed Seapoint Promenade at around 6.15am because of overtopping of waves onto the road, which caused flooding in Toft Carpark.

The Council’s Director of Services for Transportation and infrastructure, Tom Connell, did not return a call to the Galway City Tribune on the ticketing matter.