Voter turnout steady to brisk in Galway city and county with national picture showing a higher than normal turnout so far

Galway Bay fm newsroom – There are just 4 hours left for people to cast their votes in the abortion referendum.
There’s been a higher than normal turnout through the day across the country.
Polling station officials in Galway report a brisk morning and lunch period, the expected fall off in the afternoon with the post-work surge now underway.
Average turnout in the city is 38 per cent and in the county 32 per cent
In Dublin and the commuter belt counties many polling stations have hit 30 per cent turnout, with Belmont Avenue in Donnybrook hitting 47 per cent turnout before 3 o’clock.
One box at St John of Gods in Waterford has also hit 47 per cent turnout.
Largely the number of voters has slowed down ahead of the anticipated evening rush as people get off work.
But there’s still a decent turnout.
Earlier Donegal Town reported a 32 per cent turnout.
Counties like Laois, Westmeath and Offaly in the Midlands are consistently showing between 24 and 26 per cent turnout.
The number of people who were added to the supplementary register and have voted is higher than the general trend.
There are just a few hours now left until the 10pm deadline for voting, and many in polling stations across the country think turnout will be higher than the marriage referendum.