Volvo launches new insurance

David Thomas, Managing Director of Volvo Car Ireland.
David Thomas, Managing Director of Volvo Car Ireland.

Volvo Car Ireland has launched a new insurance product, Volvo Car Insurance, in partnership with Creane and Creane Insurance Brokers.

The new insurance product is part of Volvo Car Ireland’s long-term strategy to provide Volvo customers with a complete offering and overtime reduce customers’ insurance premiums by demonstrating that Volvo cars are less likely to be involved in road accidents and collisions.

Volvo in the UK already works with Thatcham, which administers the Association of British Insurers group rating system for private cars and commercials. According to Volvo, Thatcham has proven that City Safety, which is fitted as standard in all new Volvo models, reduces accident rates and relevant repair costs, and Volvo Car Ireland through their partnership with Creane and Creane plan to demonstrate similar real life information relevant to the Irish market.

The new insurance product can be purchased via Volvo Car Ireland’s website or via a dedicated call centre. In the event that a customer has to make a claim, Volvo Car Ireland will direct drivers to the nearest Volvo bodyshop, where all repairs will be carried out to Volvo standards using genuine Volvo parts. Creane and Creane Insurance Brokers will capture all collision information and claims data for analysis.

“Safety has always been our key priority at Volvo Cars,” said David Thomas, Managing Director of Volvo Car Ireland.

“We work hard to ensure that our cars fulfil all safety requirements and pass all testing procedures. Our main focus is, and always has been, real-life safety. We believe our customers should benefit not only from the peace of mind that comes with Volvo’s safety credentials but also financially, in the form of reduced insurance premiums.

“We have therefore partnered with Creane and Creane Insurance Brokers to offer our customers a complete product offering and start this data capture process which overtime will demonstrate that Volvo cars are safer to drive. We have seen in other markets that Volvo Cars operates in, customers benefitting from reduced premiums as a result of driving a Volvo car,” he said.

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