Volkswagen ditches the Jetta

No more: the VW Jetta.
No more: the VW Jetta.

Following its decision to discontinue the Scirocco late last year, Volkswagen has now decided to ditch the Jetta from European markets as well.

The name will continue to exist elsewhere and the latest generation has been designed with the US in mind.

In the US, the Jetta is VW’s top seller, but in Europe it is one of the brand’s lowest-selling models. Sales have dropped dramatically over recent times with only 5,368 sold in the first 10 months of 2017 all over Europe.

In a statement this week at the unveiling of the new Jetta at the Detroit Motor Show, VW said the seventh-generation Jetta was designed to meet the needs of customers in overseas markets.

“There are no plans for a European version,” the company said.

The Jetta was first introduced in Europe as a car based on the Golf with a large boot. During its history, it was also sold as the Vento and Bora. The Jetta’s US version and the Sagitar Chinese variant were more successful than the European versions.

The sixth-generation Jetta introduced in 2010 was the first time the Jetta received a design separate from the Golf.

The rising popularity of the Golf, the increase in size of the Polo and buying trends heading towards SUVs putting pressure on saloon cars across all brands, the Jetta has succumbed to that pressure in Europe. It probably will not be the last to do so.