Fight to get village’s name on signposts

Cllr Martin Kinane: "We want this anomaly put right," she says.

The business community in a South Galway village, which does not appear on any of the new motorway signs, are willing to take their case to Dublin in an effort to have the situation addressed.

The villages of Clarinbridge and Kilcolgan do not appear on any of the signs – and yet villages such as Kinvara, Ardrahan and Oranmore are well signalled on the large blue motorway signs.

The omission has infuriated the local business community who say trade will be affected if the current situation continues. They are demanding that the village be signposted at the Kiltiernan exit off the motorway.

And what has further annoyed them is the ambiguous answer that they have received from Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) as to the reason why they are being ignored.

In a response to Cllr Martina Kinane, the TII stated the following: “The signposting of locations is guided by the DTTAS (Department of Transport) Traffic Signs Manual and TII-approved national road signage strategies. Following these guidelines, Clarinbridge does not qualify as one of the locations to be signposted.”

“I haven’t a clue what all that means,” admitted Cllr Kinane, who has now sought a meeting with the Chief Executive Officer with TII and she hopes that this will be arranged over the coming days.

She said that the business community in Clarinbridge were more than willing to join her in Dublin for the meeting with Transport Infrastructure Ireland whenever it will take place – such is their annoyance at the situation.

“I cannot understand why we do not meet whatever guidelines that are in place and the likes of Kinvara and Ardrahan do. It just sounds ridiculous and we want this anomaly put right,” Cllr Kinane told the Connacht Tribune.

Clarinbridge, home of the world famous Oyster Festival last weekend, is a glaring omission from the signposts on the southern section of the Gort to Tuam motorway which was opened to traffic just over two weeks ago.

The business community in the village were already anxious about the impact that the opening of the motorway would have on trade, but the fact that they have been omitted from signposts has infuriated them.

The Fianna Fail councillor has been in contact with Galway County Council and TII in relation to the matter.

She told both bodies that she could not understand the reasoning for there being no reference to either Clarinbridge or Kilcolgan on any motorway signposting.

She also wants to know what is in the ‘guidelines’ that prevents Clarinbridge being referred to on signposts and yet there are clear references to Kinvara, Athenry and Oranmore on the motorway signs.

Cllr Kinane has secured a meeting with the CEO of Transport Infrastructure Ireland and says that this will be arranged over the coming days.

She added that the business community were willing to travel to Dublin in force to the meeting if required.