Versatile bands join forces to launch A Litany of Failures

The Dublin trio, Shrug Life.
The Dublin trio, Shrug Life.

A great night of music is promised upstairs in Róisín Dubh tonight, Friday, when a quartet of bands will play to mark the launch of the double-vinyl compilation A Litany of Failures. On the bill are Galway’s Dott and Field Trip, Belfast’s Junk Drawer and Dublin’s Shrug Life.

Junk Drawer draw from grunge bands to shape their sound. They emerged from Belfast’s bustling music scene, with brothers Stevie and Jake Lennox singing vocals. Their latest EP is For The Cult Fat Guy, and its opening track, Song 3, simply bursts from the speakers.

Field Trip have been on the Galway scene for a while, part of the great stable of bands that has emerged from the Citóg collective. Their latest release, Evening’s Over, is available on Bandcamp. A melodic collection it’s worth seeking out.

Dott, meanwhile, go from strength to strength. The quartet have long been one of the most exciting bands on the Galway scene and their latest 12-track album, Heart Swell, is a revelation, with winning choruses and Anna McCarthy’s uncanny knack for melody.

Shrug Life are a trio of ‘man-children’ whose wry lyrics play out over the classic combo of guitar, bass and drums. They were praised by the Irish Times for “sharp lyrics that poke and prod at the clamour of modern life”.

■ Tickets are €7 and it’s €17 for the double album.