Unique playschool opened in Connemara this week


Unique playschool opened in Connemara this week

A unique playschool in the Connemara area has been opened this week.

The toddlers and preschool children of Camus will have their first small steps in education in the open air.

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Connemara is not always an artist’s paradise. Sometimes the rain and winds sweep unrelentingly across the landscape. It is within that vista of wind and weather, of spring times and summers and autumns that the children of Camus in the Connemara Gaeltacht will find their first experience of school days.

The Naoínra, as it is known in the Irish language, will be outdoors.

An area beside the Camus Primary School has been suitably prepared for the three and four year olds to play and learn.

At this time, efforts are afoot to find €50,000 to add a sheltered space to the location. But for the most part, the fun and games and learning will be under a big roof known as the sky.

Initially, there will be 5 children coming to the Naoínra and it is hoped to have ten when the doors open on the next school year.

But for the pre-school children of Camus there are no doors, just a new world to explore.

Máirtín Ó Catháin for Galway Bay FM in Connemara.

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