Trad group Triúr on CD promotion tour

The traditional music group Triúr have just published a new CD and are undertaking a nationwide tour, to include a concert at St Nicholas’ Collegiate Church in Galway City next Monday.

This third album from Triúr is dedicated to the idea of voices of community.   As our modern times homogenise the voices of individuals and communities, life is becoming a blander place.

Community speaks through its poets, artists and musicians, craft and sporting heroes, teachers, spiritual leaders, its physical edifices and it’s committees.

“We have decided to honour and pay homage to some of the disappearing voices by choosing to emphasise some local styles in music, some of our favorite composers of Irish music and some unique musicians themselves.  We have also chosen to remember history.  This album has 20 newly composed tunes spread over 14 tracks,” say the group.  

Formed in 2009, the group Triúr is made up of Martin Hayes, Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh and Peadar Ó Riada.  Martin and Caoimhín are well known and admired, internationally, while Peadar has been creating music from his Cúil Aodha home since his father Seán Ó Riada died in 1971. All three play in other groups and combinations. “We always play new material and continue to stretch ourselves musically in this group,” he said.

Due to the demands of individual touring and working, their time together is limited. Already this year they have playing in London and Leuven and now have a rare one week around Ireland.

“We really enjoy our time in each others company and find that the act of playing together creates for us quite a symbiotic reality that has ever widening boundaries,” he added.

Tickets for Monday’s gig at St Nicholas’s are available from from or or directly from venue.