Time called on ‘12 pubs of Christmas’ crawl

A top addiction expert has urged Galway to call time on the city’s hugely popular ‘12 Pubs of Christmas’ crawl – before someone dies.

“Let’s not have any deaths this Christmas,” said high-profile Galway counsellor Joe Treacy.

“It is unsafe for some people to drink that amount over a short period, particularly when it involves shots.

“We have to remember that Galway is a water city, there is water everywhere and when people are unsteady it is very dangerous,” he added.

The tradition, which has grown in popularity over the past five years, involves having a drink in a dozen different pubs over the course of a day.

Several of the city’s best known pubs have already called time on the practice, with signs on the door advising that groups doing the 12 Pubs of Christmas are not welcome.

Joe Treacy, who is also branch secretary of the Psychiatric Nurses Association, said it was young people who were most at risk of harm.

“It really could be regarded as unsafe practice were young people  involved because you have to remember that they may drink more than 12 drinks. Some of these could be double the alcohol concentration,” he insisted.

Mr Treacy said Christmas is now anticipated by many parents with a sense of dread.

“Parents are saying to me Christmas is no longer a happy time, it’s a time of high vigilance where overindulgence in alcohol is now the norm. We look on alcohol as a food, it’s there spilling into the food aisles in supermarkets.”

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