The Same Old Story – a humorous look at love

Elva Carroll Brian Maye in The Same Old Story.
Elva Carroll Brian Maye in The Same Old Story.

That Same Old Story, Espresso Theatre’s acclaimed music/ theatre production of life and love in contemporary Ireland, returns to the Town Hall Studio from next Monday, April 16.

Written by Gerry Conneely, the play features two very different couples.

Conor and Katey are youngsters, loved up to the gills, who surface for air after two days – and nights – of furious passion. Frank and Maggie are older, much older and less enchanted with each other.

The younger pair are vital and animated, the older duo are flat and decaying, and that contrast sets the scene for lots of humour.

Conor and Katie’s activities as they consolidate and celebrate their relationship are echoed in the memories of Frank and Maggie. They could almost be the same couple – but they aren’t.

Even their memories have become disassociated, giving rise to one of the play’s funniest moment as Maggie prods her husband to recall a romantic event from their past but fails badly. Their early love long since gone, this couple are discussing divorce.

That Same Old Story explores why, when everybody wants to be in love and when it can bring so much pleasure, it often ends in failure.

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