The great avenger ridding our streets of cowboy builders

The funniest man on television these days isn’t even a comedian – indeed the last thing Dominic Littlewood is trying to be is funny, but his effort to track down Cowboy Builders is by a distance the most hilarious thing on the box.

Cowboy Builders is a series made by Channel 5 – a station that takes low budget into the underground – and it is now being shown by TV3, a channel that has no pride when it comes to buying its filler muck.

So Dominic has a whole new Irish audience, who had never seen him chase down dodgy builders to read them the riot act in the best of Essex estuary English.

They are convinced that these cowboy builders are causing devastation and dismay up and down the country.

“These reckless workmen are always bad news, leaving behind them piles of rubble, financial angst and heartache – and it’s up to our team to fix up ruined homes and drive the bad builders out of town,” says the programme’s advertising blurb.

So the premise is a simple one – you find a hard-luck story where a family has been left with a shell of a house because some builder did the dirt on them.

Ideally this family should have either 18 sickly children living in one room – preferable without a roof – or have some terrible illness (leprosy would be good) inflicted upon them.
Enter Dominic as a sort of caricature of an Essex wide boy whose build would suggest he’s been on the Creatine for far too long. He has form too, guv, because he used to work on Rogue Traders, a show with a similar theme – not to mention the wonderfully titled Don’t Get Done, Get Dom – but here he takes it to a whole new level.

With his shaved head and arms like tree trucks, he could have been a thug straight from central casting – but instead he’s fighting crime on the streets and sorting out the construction industry’s conmen all on his own.

If you haven’t come across him, but you have seen John Culshaw doing his sketch of Ross Kemp on BBC’s Impressions Show – “it looked like it was about to kick off so I legged it out of there” – then that’s Dominic Littlewood by any other name.

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