Tenth Count Athenry Oranmore LEA: Former Mayor makes stunning comeback

Shelly Herterich Quinn and Liam Carroll after their election.

The seven seats in the Athenry Oranmore area have been filled.

Former County Mayor Liam Carroll from Oranmore makes a dramatic return to Galway County Council having lost his seat back in 2014

He along with fellow Fine Gael colleague David Collins from Turloughmore and Athenry’s Shelly Herterich Quinn have joined James Charity (Ind), Albert Dolan (FF), Jim Cuddy (Ind) and Gabe Cronnelly (Ind) who were all elected earlier.

The candidate to lose out is Claregalway’s Josette Farrell who ran as an independent for the second successive election without success.

Liam Carroll said that he was delighted to be back in Galway County Council despite the Oranmore area having been split in two with part of it going into the Gort-Kinvara area, which he totally disagreed with.

Carroll was first elected in 2009 and held the position of County Mayor in 2014.

Albert Dolan, David Collins and Shelly Herterich Quinn are elected to the Council for the first time.

Athenry-Oranmore LEA

Total electorate 23,796

Seats 7

Total poll 12,717

Invalid votes 202

Total valid poll 12,515

Quota 1,565


First count

James Charity (Ind) 1,792

Albert Dolan (FF) 1,720

Jim Cuddy (Ind) 1,457

Gabe Cronnelly (Ind) 1,226

David Collins (FG) 1,163

Liam Carroll (FG) 885

Michael Hannon (FF) 753

Shelly Herterich Quinn (FF) 745

Helen Jennings (FG) 734

Josette Farrell (Ind) 647

Louis O’Hara (SF) 507

Kenneth Keavey (GP) 497

Marian Spellman (Lab) 206

Amanda McManus (Ren) 183


Charity and Dolan elected


Second count

(Distribution of Charity’s surplus)


Jim Cuddy (Ind) 1,530

Gabe Cronnelly (Ind) 1,235

David Collins (FG) 1,182

Liam Carroll (FG) 899

Michael Hannon (FF)  785

Shelly Herterich Quinn (FF) 750

Helen Jennings (FG) 738

Josette Farrell (Ind) 664

Kenneth Keavey (GP) 528

Louis O’Hara (SF) 519

Marian Spellman (Lab) 213

Amanda McManus (Ren) 187


Third count

(Distribution of Dolan’s surplus)


Jim Cuddy (Ind) 1,540

Gabe Cronnelly (Ind) 1,253

David Collins (FG) 1,203

Liam Carroll (FG) 904

Michael Hannon (FF) 810

Shelly Herterich Quinn (FF) 788

Helen Jennings (FG) 749

Josette Farrell (Ind) 667

Louis O’Hara (SF) 535

Kenneth Keavey (GP) 532

Marian Spellman (Lab) 216

Amanda McManus (Ren) 188


McManus and Spellman eliminated


Fourth count

(Distribution of McManus’ and Spellman’s votes)

Jim Cuddy (Ind) 1,630

Gabe Cronnelly (Ind) 1,280

David Collins (FG) 1,216

Liam Carroll (FG) 926

Michael Hannon (FF) 820

Shelly Herterich Quinn (FF) 820

Helen Jennings (FG) 792

Josette Farrell (Ind) 696

Kenneth Keavey (GP) 591

Louis O’Hara (SF) 555


Cuddy elected


Fifth count

(Distribution of Cuddy’s surplus)


Gabe Cronnelly (Ind) 1,289

David Collins (FG) 1,219

Liam Carroll (FG) 926

Michael Hannon (FF) 830

Shelly Herterich Quinn (FF) 824

Helen Jennings (FG) 793

Josette Farrell (Ind) 710

Kenneth Keavey (GP) 595

Louis O’Hara (SF) 556

O’Hara eliminated

Sixth count

(Distribution of O’Hara’s votes)

Gabe Cronnelly (Ind) +129 1,418

David Collins (FG) +31 1,250

Liam Carroll (FG) +23 956

Michael Hannon (FF) +23 853

Shelly Herterich Quinn (FF) +49 853

Helen Jennings (FG) +49 842

Josette Farrell (Ind) +40 750

Kenneth Keavey (GP) +84 679

Keavey eliminated


Seventh count

(Distribution of Keavey’s votes)


Gabe Cronnelly (Ind) 1,512

David Collins (FG) 1,295

Liam Carroll (FG) 1,003

Shelly Herterich Quinn (FF) 916

Helen Jennings (FG) 910

Josette Farrell (Ind) 886

Michael Hannon (FF) 864


Hannon eliminated


Eighth count

(Distribution of Hannon’s votes)


Gabe Cronnelly (Ind) (+35) 1,547

David Collins (FG) (+118) 1,413

Shelly Herterich Quinn (FF) (+225) 1,141

Josette Farrell (Ind) (+219) 1,105

Liam Carroll (FG) (+38) 1,041

Helen Jennings (FG) (+23) 933


Jennings eliminated


Ninth count

(Distribution of Jennings’ votes)

Gabe Cronnelly (Ind) (+253) 1,800

David Collins (FG) (+147) 1,560

Shelly Herterich Quinn (FF) (+185) 1,326

Liam Carroll (FG) (+145) 1,186

Josette Farrell (Ind) (+33) 1,138


Cronnelly elected


Tenth count

(Distribution of Cronnelly’s surplus)


David Collins (FG) (+36) 1,596

Shelly Herterich Quinn (FF) (+78) 1,404

Liam Carroll (FG) (+38) 1,224

Josette Farrell (Ind) (+10) 1,148

David Collins elected; Shelly Herterich Quinn and Liam Carroll elected without reaching the quota.