FINAL TALLY: Roche set to top poll in Tuam

Della and Karey Mc Hugh

The Tuam tally has been completed Fine Gael’s Pete Roche is set to top the poll and take the first of seven seats.

But Fianna Fáil are the big winners in this contest as they are set to take three seats and, indeed, Fine Gael are not without hope of picking up three seats as well.

Fianna Fáil, with Joe Sheridan polling exceptionally well at his first attempt, could well be joined in the next council by sitting councillors Mary Hoade in Headford and Donagh Killilea in Tuam.

But former Labour TD and now a Fianna Fáil candidate, Colm Keaveney has polled exceptionally well and will be in the shake-up, but he faces an uphill battle.

Keaveney polled very well in Tuam town and much better than local candidates and outgoing councillors Shaun Cunniffe and Karey McHugh (both independents). However, he might just come up short of winning a seat.

Apart from topping the poll, Roche will possibly be joined on the next Council by sitting councillor Tom McHugh in Tuam and maybe Andrew Reddington in Headford, who also did exceptionally at his first attempt.

There are 14 candidates in the race for the seven seats but the final seat is anybody’s guess at this stage and the destination of transfers will be crucial.

Sitting councillors Cunniffe and Karey McHugh along with independent Billy Connelly are in danger of losing out.

But it seems likely that the final seat will go to one of the independent candidates. The Tuam area was the last to be tallied and it is not expected that counting in this area will commence before Sunday afternoon.